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» What I do?

I specialize in helping businesses as well as individual people to get most from their website. I do this with great design, creative ideas, sincere advice and suggestions, solid technical skills and a focus on clients' goals and objectives.

Clean Code

clean code

clean W3C-valid XHTML and CSS code

Every little bit of code I write is based on a latest web standards, such as XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2/3.

For those who don't know what W3C is, let me explain it in simple terms: Any webpage I create is (and always will) be equally well rendered on any computer, regardless if it's Mac, Windows or even a Mobile Device. It makes your webpage customizable, lightweight, easy to load and navigate.



php, mysql, jquery, ajax, html5, ...

First impression is extremely important, but you shouldn't neglect user experience factor. Those little details like quick pop up of an image from your gallery or unique transition to a different page in your website counts. Using JQuery technology, I can animate and create your website interactive even without a need of Flash or other resource-intense methods.

Front end is just a part of your website. If you're creating a blog or online business your will require dynamic content which should be easily edited and modified. This is done using PHP programming language and MySQL database. Easy administration page of your website will let you interact with any content of your own website without any need of specialized skills.


serving all your needs

Everything you might need for your website:

  • » Frontend (XHTML & CSS) design.
  • » Backend (PHP & MySQL/SQLite) programming.
  • » JavaScript (based on JQuery and other AJAX libraries) programming.
  • » PSD, PNG or any other image conversion to webpage.
  • » Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and product branding.
  • » Advice, suggestion, ideas.

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"Top of my list for future problems/projects that come up.
Excellent turnaround again."

geciauskas.com Kareem Kouddous

"The work we had with Ramas was tremendously constructive. Meticulous, fast turnaround, and of course, incredible code. Thanks!"

geciauskas.com Thomas Keen

My Personality

PersonalityAs much as I enjoy computers and technology that were surrounding me for the better part of my life, I take a huge pleasure from photography, observing art, classical music and the game of chess, which serves as an additional inspiration for me.

I come from a little crazy country of Lithuania in a northern part of Europe. Feel free to contact me, if you'll be in an area. :)